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Production Line

Production Line
WISTEK's production team's mission is largely divided into two categories : the Hybrid (Chip&Wire) Process and the Assembly/Test Process.
Hybrid Process
Process Type Process Content Facilitity
Plasma and Ultrasonic Cleaning Cleaning or removing foreign substances attached to parts or equipment
Die Attach
(Epoxy & Eutectic)
Placement and pasting of elements as specified in the drawing
Wire & Ribbon
Connecting the pattern of each device or substrate (PCB) using wire or ribbon so that it can have electrical characteristics in a circuit
Wire & Ribbon Pull Test Destructive and non-destructive testing (tensile force test) to check the connection status of the wire or ribbon connected to the device or substrate (PCB) pattern
Equipments for Hybrid assembly

Ribbon Bonder

Auto Wire Bonder

Wire Bonder

Wire Pull Test

Eutectic Attach


Plasma Cleaner

Cryogenic Freezer

Assembling and Testing
Work Type Work Content
Hand(Iron) Soldering Attaching and connecting devices on the PCB according to the drawings
Module Assembling Assembling products according to drawings or working procedures
RF Test and Tuning The work of testing and adjusting the characteristics of the assembled product using an RF instrument according to the test procedure
Bad Trouble Shooting When a product is tested or a serious defect or issue occurs in a delivered product, the task of finding and solving the cause
RF Measurement Facilities for Testing

Noise Figure Analyzer

Power Meter

Signal Source Analyzer

Network Analyzer



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