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TMMR (Basic Type, Small and Lightweight Type, Vehicle Type)

The Tactical Multiband Multirole Radio(TMMR) is the next combat radio system of the ROK Armed Forces' tactical command and communication system. Using SDR (Software Defined Radio), there is no restriction on the communication frequency, and simultaneous transmission and reception of voice and data enables high-speed data communication.

7 types of voice communication waveforms and data communication waveforms can be manipulated by software. Analog voice communication waveforms include 4 types (HF-AM, VHF-AM, UHF-AM, VHF-FM) including HF band AM (Amplitude Modulation) waveform. and there are three digital communication waveforms (HF-AM, VHF-FM, K-WNW) including FM (Frequency Modulation) waveforms in the VHF band.

Therefore, TMMR enables large-capacity data communication to integrate with the command and control system, tactical system, and surveillance and reconnaissance system.

Portable Type I

Vehicle Type I

Vehicle Type II

The main features of each type of TMMR are as follows.
  • - Multi-Band : Integrates multiple radios into one radio, and selectively operate bands and waveforms
  • - Multi-Channel : Simultaneous communication up to 2~4 channels depending on the shape of portable, vehicle, helicopter, ship, fixed, etc
  • - Multifunctional : IP-based network radio capable of simultaneous voice and data, ad-hoc function, automatic location report, wireless LAN connection function, automatic relay, cross banding function that allows free communication with other frequensies