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CEO Message

WISTEK Co., Ltd. specializes in research and development, production, and installation of RF systems, which are core technologies in the defense industry and satellite sectors.

WISTEK Co., Ltd. CEO Ahn DongMyeong

WISTEK Co., Ltd. is a strong company that actively embraces the rapidly changing trend of the 21st century and develops its big dream of becoming a strong IT industry.

Based on its accumulated RF technology for more than 30 years, WISTEK has developed and supplied wireless communication modules to the wireless communication sector of the domestic defense industry. In addition, based on the high level of RF technology, we participate in the leading SI construction projects in Korea and create new businesses by utilizing the know-how owned by the company.

WISTEK executives and employees are always committed to developing, mass-producing, and quality management with the customer's needs as their top priority. We hope for your generous support and encouragement, and We will not neglect my efforts to remain your unwavering companion.

Thank you.