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Business Segment Business Name
Defence Command,Control,Communication,Computer and Intelligence(C4I) TMMR (Basic Type, Small and Lightweight Type, Vehicle Type)
Next-generation Military Satellite Communication(K-MILSAT)
Public Network Test Bed
GPS Complex Jamming Active Response
Guided Weapon Ka-band Transceiver
Wireless Umbilical Device
W-band High Power Amplifier and Tranceiver
Electronic Jamming Jamming Tranceiver Conversion Plate
Military Logistics Support (Maintenance, Test Equipment) Maintenance of Frequency Synthesizer for BALKAN
Guided Weapon Fire Control Simulator
Radio Altimeter Performance Test Equipment, Radio Wave Delay Line
Space Ka-band Satellite Payload Chollian Satellite Payload Ka-band RF Device
Next-generation Satellite Communication Broadcasting Payload
Satellite Payload for Video Radar Multi-channel Video Radar Transceiver Assembly
Frequency Synthesizer, Frequency Multiplier for SAR
Transceiver Payload for C-band SAR
Satellite Payload for Weather Observation 183GHz Microwave Radiometer Production
System Integration Satellite Control and Operating System Next-generation Military Satellite Operator (K-MILSAT) RF System
Deep Space Ground Antenna System Development
Establishment of receiving antenna and RF system for Chollian Ocean Satellite No.2(GOCI-II)
Satellite Comunication Network Central Station System
Alert System Air Force Station Radar Alert System
Commercial Wireless Trminal Small/Light Radio Altimeter for UAV
Wireless Communication Multiplexer(ADMx/BDMx)
Robot Ankle Rehabilitation Robot
  • Business Division(2 Teams) : Business planning, Sales, and Management Work
  • R&D Division(2 Teams) : R&D Tasks such as Defense industry, Satellite, SI(System Integration), and Commercial Goods
  • Financial Management : Logistics support,Accounting, Purchasing
  • Quality Management : Process quality,Management quality, and Security work
  • Production Team : Production process, Manufacturing, and Facilities management

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