Microwave Technology
Major Field Technology Item
Microwave Design Technology Microwave Circuit Design ( ~ Ka Band)
Up/Down-Converter Design
High Power Amplifier Design
Medium Power Amplifier Design
Low Noise Amplifier Design
Frequency Synthesizer Design
Transceiver Design
Other Active Parts Design
(PLDRO, SSPA, Local Oscillator Etc)
Mechanical Technology Optimization/Miniaturization Design by Thermal Analysis
Protocol, Firmware Technology RS232/422/485 Interface
Wireless Terminal Technology
Major Field Technology Item
RF Design Technology 5.8GHz Band RF Design
Antenna Design and Tunning
Network Design and Link Budget Analysis
Digital Design Digital Circuit Design
PCM Circuit Design
IR Technology Optical Component Control
Low Power Control
Mechanical Technology Terminal Miniaturization
Protocol, Firmware Technology DSRC Protocol and Optimization
Applied Platform Design with RTOS
Base Band Interface Design